Foundation History

Foundation History

During the rest of the ‘40s volunteers traveled door to door throughout Teton County to raise money to build a local hospital.
By 1951 over 1,400 area residents had contributed money and labor, and the first area hospital,
Teton County Memorial Hospital, was opened. Today with a new name in place, Benefis TMC Foundation continues to support our local hospital, Benefis Teton Medical Center, with volunteer services and fundraising efforts.

Our  Foundation Endowment Fund was started in 2011 to provide stable and reliable support for the hospital into the future. People making planned gifts and businesses making direct gifts to BTMC Foundation Endowment Fund may be eligible for the Montana State Endowment Tax Credit, as well as a federal charitable gift tax deduction. Benefis Teton Medical Center Foundation is a federally designated nonprofit 501(c)3 organization registered with the State of Montana. It is run by a board of ten directors.

BTMC Foundation exists to promote and enhance healthcare in our service area.  Benefis Teton Medical Center, our local hospital, is a department of Benefis Health System of Great Falls, and  serves approximately 6,000 residents in the Teton County area, a sparsely populated agricultural region along the East Front of the Rockies.

Are you considering a donation to Benefis Teton Medical Center Foundation?  If you are over 70, consider making a gift from your IRA account.  Did you know you can save on income taxes if you make a gift to a charity directly from your IRA?  If you are 70 1/2, you may need to take annual mandatory  withdrawals from your IRA.  These withdrawals are taxable as income.  If you directly gift a charity from your IRA , you may not owe any income tax on the amount you gift.

BTMC Foundation’s Federal ID Number is 81-0388136.


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