BTMC Happenings

BTMC Happenings

Week of April 9, 2018

I try not to get too flustered when things don’t go exactly as planned; like when I’m expecting a DVD to show up in the mail so I can show a scheduled film to the residents. I just took it in stride that one did not arrive and went to the movie shelves and ended up selecting a VHS (yes, we still use that technology here) movie from 1978! But, I believe things turn out as they were meant to because ladies who watched the film, “Ice Castles,” enjoyed it so much, they got a little weepy over it like Paula Dedebant did. I’m not sure if I saw tears in Eleanor Peters’ eyes, but she said she enjoyed the film just the same.

There may have been tears of joy when Polly Cunningham came and gave part two of her tour of Ireland. This trip was probably more enjoyable for Lucille Bertsch who got a bit queasy watching the trip floating down the Colorado River. No matter how they’re feeling, Lynn Jennings and Harry Luinstra rarely miss out on one of Polly’s tours. We’re glad to have her return each month.

When I get to run the weekly bingo game, I like to shake things up for the players. We played a speed round of “O” in which Elsie Pelzman took the prize, followed by adding B to our O. I don’t think the residents thought that round stunk! Paula Dedebant won at X marks the spot and folks continued to fill their cards for blackout, won first by Paula, followed by Muriel Redolphy then Lucy Sheehan, then Steve Jenson until everyone had a blackout!

We gathered on a warmish day (but still not warm enough to go outside) in the solarium for a coffee club with ‘Forest Funnies.” I got a lot of groans when I read some of these puns: Why did the pine tree get in trouble? It was being knotty. Why can’t Christmas trees sew? They always drop their needles. What did Luke Skywalker say to the tree? “May the FOREST be with you.”

Nobody groaned when we bowled. When Florence Anderson approached the lane, she didn’t think she’ll do too well, but then we all gave her a rousing round of applause when we saw all the pins knocked down.

Our artists, Elsie Pelzman, Eleanor Peters and Lynn Jennings also deserve a round of applause for the beautiful abstract paintings they created. Here’s the recipe for any of you who’d like to give it a try. Pick up a small canvas board and washable markers. Color random shapes and then give it a little spritz of water and maybe your works of art will turn out as nice as our gals did.

Our cooking club turned to an old, easy recipe, crockpot lava cake which also turned out nice. Who doesn’t like oozy chocolate richness beside warm cake?! You’re always welcome to join us for some.


We’ll see you here.



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