BTMC Happenings

BTMC Happenings

When tragic events occur, it’s important to remember to appreciate one another and the good times we have. One thing that makes me feel good is when some residents make me laugh. When Lynn Jennings stops by the office for a game of dominoes, we sometimes play a little music. Her request is usually hip-hop. When she sings along, “Yo, yo,” she makes me laugh. But I got my biggest laugh at our ‘Men’s Club’ gathering, as we looked at the life of newsman, Walter Cronkite. I posed this question: At CBS, Cronkite held a position in addition to anchorman. What was it? Paula Dedebant answered, “Custodian?” (Yes, she’s not a man, but we’re an equal activity provider. Elsie Pelzman was there too along with Roy Meyer and Harry Luinstra.) Thanks for that one, Paula.

I imagine our residents make Susan Rice feel pretty good, too, like when she “squished” a number of residents into the solarium for book club and what she called a “really nice prayer service,” with songs.

Though, not every activity turns out warm and fuzzy. Susan invited our crafters to make a Valentine’s Day Spin-o-matic. She was shut down by every one of the invitees but you can’t win them all.

I didn’t biff it this week with a poor movie choice for residents when we aired, “Apollo 13,” which all viewers enjoyed. Something else our residents enjoyed, Valentine’s Day cards delivered by the 4Hers as well as Jamie Stubblefield’s class.

We were sorry that the weather prevented the Russell Country Cloggers from coming to dance for us. We are hopeful that the roads don’t get drifted over and that these fine ladies will come to see us next month. We had a Netflix movie on hand so residents instead watched a very young Charlton Heston, and a less young Gary Cooper in, “The Wreck of the Mary Deare.” I’d seen the previews of it and it looked quite action packed, but no one gave me a thumbs up or down as to how the movie treated them.

Given that we had to move everything out of the resident dining room while it was getting new flooring and paint, not everything we utilize made its way back to its original location. When residents and I tried to sing some hymns before Pastor Betty Lou arrived to preach, we were struck speechless, or song-less in this case, since our song books were MIA. Once I recovered our song books, Pastor Betty Lou also looked for a thumbs up if we should sing beyond the first verse. She, too, came up thumb-less.

At last, we did get a thumbs up from the residents who enjoyed ‘Krispie Heart Treats’ at our social on Valentine’s Day made by our cooking club.

2 19 Krispie Treat cooks

I had no trouble tracking down was our bowling ball and pins. Our new dining room floor accommodates strikes just fine.

You can score big with us and stop on by.

We’ll see you here.

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