BTMC Happenings 2017

BTMC Happenings 2017


Even though there’s been smoke in the air, our Memorial Garden seems somewhat sheltered from the elements brought about by the fires. Perhaps folks like to get out because we’ve got sunflowers blooming, or maybe it’s that the cherry tomatoes are ripe for the picking, or it might even be for a game of cards, like Elsie Pelzman and Paula Dedebant recently undertook; whatever the reason, it’s good to enjoy the remaining bits of summer.

Susan Rice has been doing an amazing job in her short two weeks under the activities umbrella. She gave folks a little biography on August birthday baby Robert De Niro and later put on the film, “The Untouchables,” for a small crowd. I suppose the fact that mobsters can be pretty rough was one reason for the small attendance. Susan, as it turns out, must be a pretty good joke teller as well (even if some of the material comes from a website), since she had an attentive crowd at Coffee and Conversation. Maybe I should change the name to Coffee and Cracking Up.

Seems Susan also knows our Sunday service pastor fill in, Josh Putnam, who preached so well, it left Lucille Bertsch saying, “What a lovely service that was.”

Another big thanks to Cathy Balasky who came to help out again with nails. She turned Becky Birnel’s nails from a deep blue to a bright pink, along with polishing and filing for some of the other ladies. We’re appreciative for the help.

I was pleased to take Susan on her maiden voyage in the hospital bus along with Dale Johnson and Lynn Jennings, to the library where we picked up another volume of, “Hank the Cowdog” along with a few other titles.

Our craft for the week was a crayon transfer which was not an easy task, but Eleanor Peters was pleased with the end result. And even though a few tears were shed, Paula was pleased with the remake of the film, “Jungle Book.” Seeing as I didn’t watch with the folks, I’m not sure what part of the plot makes one tear up, but perhaps I am alone in this.

There were no tears shed when I put on another film, “Sarah, Tall and Plain,” but I think folks would have been happier if we had a live musical performance, but as we all know, life happens, and we can be flexible since the folks who come play are so generous with their time.

It was great to see Rick Kerr and Shadow, but their timing was a little premature since we hadn’t yet made our new batch of biscuits, but they should be ready for their visit.

We wound down the week with resident choice. We played no less than four kinds of bingo, including Montana, Music, Fun on the Farm and Food bingos and folks ate tasty Lemon Sweeties at our afternoon social. Why not be a sweetie and stop by.

We’ll see you here.



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