BTMC Happenings 2017

BTMC Happenings 2017


We’re nuts about October. Try this on for size: What do you call the nuts on the wall? Walnuts. What kind of nuts always seem to have a cold? Cashews. We’re not just nuts for the jokes, we enjoyed some banter going back and forth at our session of Coffee Club. When considering the past wildfire season, I asked folks the question, what two things they would take if they had to leave their house right away. Paula Dedebant said she would take herself and her ring. I guess I just presumed she would have to get herself out before she could take two things out.

I’d forgotten how hard it was to do this job alone and with my able bodied assistant, Susan Rice, out most of the week, I was reminded of that fact. But, on I charge, though I look forward to Susan’s return. Our cooking club had a pretty interesting recipe for Meltaways. 3/4 cup of cornstarch had me wondering if the recipe was right. And I wasn’t sure what the meaning of the name was but as soon as they baked up, our wonderful cook, Cassie Campbell rolled these light and crumbly cookies in some powdered sugar and they were really popular. I know Fred Pelzman enjoyed them since he’s not ordinarily one to take seconds, but in this case, that’s exactly what he did along with a few others.

With Halloween around the corner, I found a cute little rock painting project online. It’s truly amazing how many creative people are out there in the computer world, and they are generous to share their ideas. Thank goodness, since I’m no Martha Stewart when it comes to creativity. Lynn Jennings, Eleanor Peters and Elsie Pelzman painted some small stones in a couple of varying shades of orange and then added spooky pumpkin faces to them. I know that Lucy Sheehan and Lucille Bertsch have both enjoyed the ones placed on their dining tables.

Yes, I know it’s autumn but it really feels autumnal, and we’re already looking toward the next season given that quick storm front that came through. So it seemed a good time to give a little talk on hibernation. Did you know that a groundhog’s heartrate goes from 80 to 100 beats per minute during its regular wakeful state to 4 or 5 beats per minute during hibernation? That’s a heck of a resting heartrate.

We watched some movies over the week, given the cold weather and it not being inviting to go outside. Residents enjoyed viewing a Nicholas Sparks book based movie, “The Notebook.” Not sure if they cared for a ‘notebook’ or the book I’m reading for book club, “Indian Creek Chronicles.” It could be a toss up.

We’ve done a little shifting around here since the first of the month so when you come around to visit friends, don’t be surprised if you find them in a new location. We’ll see you here.




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