Are Vaccines Dangerous?

BTMC community clinic nurse practitioner Teresa Smith-Keil shares knowledge about vaccines and their role in preventing disease.

Measles Information

Find out more about measles symptoms and vaccinations from BTMC nurse practitioner Teresa Smith-Keil.

Birthday Month Wellness Lab Tests

Anytime during the month of your birthday, Benefis Teton Medical Center will give you a discount on a wellness laboratory draw. Happy Birthday!

Blood Pressure

Treating high blood pressure saves lives! Teresa Smith, FNP-C shows us how to be proactive in taking control of our health.

Reduce Your Fall Risk

Teresa Smith, CNP, gives good advice on reducing falls in the elderly.

Conditions Related to Cold Weather

Nurse practitioner Teresa Smith-Keil, FNP-C, sees patients of all ages at BTMC Community Clinic.

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