In May and June of  1944 meetings in Choteau,Fairfield and Dutton were called by Sterling De Pratu to discuss the need to build a hospital for the residents of Teton County. Area citizens formed Teton Memorial Hospital Association, chartered in September of 1944,  and  began raising money for the project.

By June 1948, members of the Association had raised $111,718 from 1,416 residents of the area. And by 1951, the building of Teton Memorial Hospital in Choteau was complete.

In the mid 1970s, citizens realized that updating Teton Memorial Hospital would cost more than building a brand new hospital. A new hospital, Benefis Teton Medical Center, opened for business August 20,1977, complete with an operating room, cardiac unit, emergency room, and obstetrics department. Dick. Fabrick, a longtime Choteau area citizen and mayor at the time, addressed the crowd at the ribbon cutting ceremony:

“We should repeat here what was said at the dedication of our first hospital in July 1951: that our Hospital stands as a memorial…to veterans who have fought to keep us free, to the first settlers who brought order to a lawless frontier…and…to the community-minded citizens of the present and of the past who, by their leadership and support, have provided our home communities with the religious and educational institutions and health services, nursing and retirement homes that makes this an attractive and good place to live.”

At Benefis Teton Medical Center, we believe this statement still holds true today.

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