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Welcome to Teton Medical Center

Teton Medical Center is a small Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in rural Central Montana. We are dedicated to providing essential medical care services to people living along the Rocky Mountain Front. Our campus includes departments which enable us to provide around-the-clock care for patients in need of medical assistance.

Rehabilitation Services

Our top notch staff is dedicated to creating a one-on-one, customized treatment program for you. TMC’s on-site spa and rehabilitation department creates the perfect setting to deal with sport related injuries, surgery recovery, healthy lifestyle programs and swing bed services.

See the Upcoming Events

Check out our Upcoming Events for a schedule of what’s happening at TMC and around our area. Find out the dates of TMC’s special health programs, Extended Living’s entertainment events, and area gatherings.



Teton Medical Center along with TMC Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended and supported the 24th Annual Shadows of the Past Fine Art Auction on September 7, 2013. 

It was a wonderful evening filled with lively music, delicious food, good company, and great art. 

A special thank you to our regional artists for their generous support of the event with their participation and talent. 

We hope you will join us next year on
September 6, 2014
for the quarter century celebration of this fundraising event!




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